Some essential links for futures traders

You will eventually need to build up your own set of favourites because every futures trader has his/her unique preferences, but here's a starter list. Please note these are not paid or exchange links.

money.cnn : a bit slow to load, but it shows the day's action on the all-important American markets and gives some market buzz : a much-quoted source of delayed-time charts. This page gives you an overview of world stock market indices - that's cash, not futures.

futuresource  Probably the leading online source for futures charts. This page is for the Nikkei, but they've got them all. :  The best currency converter right now, I reckon

futuresmag  Online magazine for futures traders

focus  A UK-based spot gold free online quotation and charting service.

kitco  The best-known online gold and silver market info source

openecry  An online automated futures broker

tradestation  Another online futures broker

gcitrading An e-mini futures broker : start trading with US$100; free real-time trial account

reuters  The source of sources for news

cpcug  Charts going back to the 19th century : test your theory against 100 years of trading

brookstreetfutures More useful futures trading resources and links

futuresweb ...and more...

More Links for Futures Traders

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